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2020: Year of the White Rat Forecast & Predictions

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” – Louis L’Amour

On January 25th, 2020, the lunar new year began, and with it the year of the white metal rat. This is a significant year, marking not only the beginning of a new 12-year cycle, but also a brand new 60-year cycle. Combine that with the start of a new decade and we are presented with ample opportunity for re-boots, fresh starts, and new beginnings.

Winter is the season for deep inner work and reflection – a time to put to rest ideologies that we have outgrown and connect with our deepest and most intimate purpose. All of this change in the air provides us a significant opportunity for profound awakening, guiding us singularly toward a more correct path and collectively toward great upheaval and change. Because history has a way of repeating itself, we can look toward the 1960’s as a guide for the type of great social change we might expect in the year(s) to come.

Rats are characteristically sociable, clever, and intuitive bringing a fresh energy to this new cycle. They are passionate, ingenious problem-solvers who value their freedom and adore recognition. Their position in the animal succession, and their focus on their young, bring a playfulness to the coming year with an increase in flirtation, sex, pregnancy and birth. There will also be an abundance of peach blossom luck/flower-of-romance energy, bringing forth joviality, lightheartedness, and the hope of a new day.

The elements of this year are yang metal (heavenly/above) on top of yang water (earthly/below). In the 5-element cycle, metal supports water, so the harmonious relationship between the two elements indicates the possibility for a more peaceful year. However the dominant yang energy of both can be difficult – particularly if metal’s tendency toward rigidity or water’s capability for destruction go unchecked or become extreme.

The metal element is a representation of honor, integrity, resiliency and strength. The more it can be distilled down to its purist form, the more valuable it becomes. Civility, ethics, order and beauty are results of the discipline and refinement inherent in metal’s nature. In a year dominated by this element, those who can speak and act from a place of clarity and personal truth will have a wide audience for their message and be rewarded for efforts and hardships of the past that translate into the strong character they have built today.

The water element represents fluidity and flexibility and has the unique ability to change its physical form, adapting to any circumstance it is presented with and possessing an unstoppable energy or momentum as its force begins to gather and grow. New ideas and major social change is possible as people gather and movements swell. Water, like metal, seeks clarity so as hidden truths are upended profound personal revelation can result in powerful healing and transformation.

Big shifts are on the horizon. Can you go with the flow like water while staying true to your self like metal? I believe you can!

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Year of the Yin Fire Rooster

rooster“A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he’ll never crow. I have seen the light and I’m crowing.” – Muhammad Ali

On January 28th – the Lunar New Year – we said goodbye to the capricious unpredictable Yang Fire Monkey and welcomed the more placid and practical Yin Fire Rooster. For many this calmer energy will be a welcome change. Roosters are characterized as organized, practical, decisive, territorial and particular. They posses strong ideals, are honest and critical, and value fidelity, punctuality, and proper behavior. They are leaders, who’s proud crow at dawn is a daily call to action, tirelessly commanding us to wake up and rise!

Because this is a yin-fire year there is an undercurrent of volatility, though it will not feel as chaotic as last year. Emotions will rise and reactivity will be heightened, but due to the changeability of fire, these bursts will be short-lived. Because there is a yin or feminine aspect to this fire, the change it provokes has the potential to be warm and healing. This symbolic light will help to illuminate unresolved conflict and hidden truths, allowing us to confront the darker aspects of ourselves and grow as a result. If we can fine-tune and articulate our own principles and ideologies while remaining open to others, there is great potential for personal elevation and social transformation.

Personally, this will be year of enhanced intuition, heightened communication, and emotional sentimentality. The flash of the fire element can bring on quick change of emotions, short-lived anger, fear and anxiety. We need to be wise about where we spend our energy and choose our fights with care. On the whole, people will be more warm-hearted, charismatic, and charming and it will be easier to find happiness in simple pleasures. There is an optimistic aspect to the fire element that encourages playfulness and joy. In this coming year, individual prosperity will come in the form of self-realization, group-oriented action, and small, quiet acts of kindness.

Socially, this will be an important year for community. As clashes in values and beliefs come the forefront we will start to see a restructuring of institutions and a shift in thoughts, actions and influence. Chickens are social animals, so during this time people will feel more connected to one other and find comfort in the gathering of like-minded individuals. There will be power in masses and change will come through collaboration and assembling together. Charismatic leaders will emerge and with them a revival of hope and renewal of strength.


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