See what current patients are saying about Thrive Acupuncture:

“I had the fortune of being referred to Janna at a point in my life where I was in serious need of balance. She came highly recommended by my colleagues and I was very happy I took their advice. I initially went to Janna for an old injury in my right shoulder that I couldn’t seem to heal on my own. As a yoga and pilates instructor I am very physically active and need my body to always perform at its best ability. After 3 sessions with Janna I had full range of motion back in my shoulder! I learned so much more about the benefits of Acupuncture and I continued to see Janna for the next two years until I moved to NC.  Everything in my body and mind began to improve including better sleep, easier digestion, more regulated body temperature, clearer mental state and more stable moods! My over all health improved and on the rare occasion I did get sick I would see Janna for a quick session and an herbal consultation and within 2-3 days I would be back to normal without having to experience any side effects from the herbs.  I have recommended to Janna to several of my friends and colleagues and they all agree she is amazing! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment with her. Your body and mind will thank you :)” – Evan M. via Google+

“Janna is extremely attentive to both physical and emotional needs.  She goes beyond any surface symptoms you may be having and find the root of the problem, and how any issues you have are connected. I went to her for help with asthma and allergies, and she ended up helping me with not only those issues, but also stomach problems, stress, sleep troubles, and also any little colds or flus that popped up along the way. She offers an excellent approach to feeling good that I hadn’t encountered before. Her knowledge of the body is extensive and also makes her an amazing yoga teacher!” – Madeleine S. via Google+

“Janna is the best! She is warm and welcoming every time I see her. I feel fresh and rejuvenated after I leave her office. Her office is clean and well put together. She really cares about each and every one of her patients. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a great acupuncturist!” – Julienne B. via Yelp

“Janna is truly a wonderful acupuncturist and healer.  Her intuition and knowledge definitely shine through in her work.  I have visited her with multiple issues- from emotional stress to physical injury and I always feel better after our visits.  She goes above and beyond my expectations every time.  She is kind, compassionate and I always feel comfortable and safe in her care.  I highly recommend Janna to anyone looking for a holistic way of healing.”  – Holly R. via Google+

“Janna is a great acupuncturist.  She is incredibly knowledgeable about her field and you can see her passion for it as soon as you meet her.  I went to her after suffering from chronic lower back pain and she has helped me so much.  I am virtually pain-free.  She takes great care in asking about your needs and goals, and she explains the process in depth.  She is very warm and friendly as well.  I am so relaxed during my sessions with her that I usually fall asleep.  I highly recommend Janna and Thrive Acupuncture!” – Carolyn M. via Google+

“Janna is just the best! I feel so lucky I found her! She has been helping me for about a year now and I really enjoy going to see her. She is so knowledgeable, easy going, and I completely trust her. She always makes me feel at ease and I know after each session I am going to feel better. I have since sent a few friends her way as well and they all love her too. She is by far the best in my opinion and I highly recommend her!”  Catherine I. via Google+

“Janna is a terrific acupuncturist–she is kind, compassionate and thorough. The treatment space is warm and inviting. I was new to acupuncture and referred to Janna by my yoga instructor for ongoing, painful hip problems. I’ve been seeing Janna for about 6 months and have not once been disappointed by a session. Her experience and ability to intuit the source of pain is amazing; she helps my hip but also eases the pain of emotional issues, back pain and whatever stress is plaguing me. Janna is totally present and focused on helping you in every session. I highly recommend her!” – Meri W. via Google +

“Janna is nothing less than brilliant! I have been seeing her to help stabilize my energetic swings, and over the course of a few months, the positive results have been dramatic. In addition, over this time, I experienced a bout of food poisoning and a cold that just would not quit. Each issue was remedied, completely remedied, in just one session; this is only the result of someone who really can see the whole picture and get right to the root of the ailment.  Also, there never is a wait, and Janna is warm and funny, she’s simply a delight!” – Julie M. via Yelp

“Janna is amazing! Nurturing, Intuitive & Caring :)” – Holly R. via Facebook

“I am an avid kickboxer and muythai student, having trained at high intensities for over 10 years. Over the past few years my body has begun to feel the toll with pain in my shoulders, knees and lower back. I have been to countless PT sessions and doctors visits often treating pain with cortisone shots and rest. One of my doctors finally suggested acupuncture for my chronic pain and I went to Thrive which was recommended by a friend. Janna is knowledgeable, professional and warm. I was nervous for my first treatment as I was new to needling but she made me feel completely at ease, even stayed in the room and talked to me once the needles were in until I felt relaxed enough to be left alone. Janna was thorough in her questions and evaluation of my various injuries and understood my desire to keep working out while hopefully getting some relief. I have been numerous times now to Thrive and my shoulder and back pain are remarkably improved. I now even go sometimes for mere stress relief as I found the treatments work wonders in that department as well. I highly recommend Janna and Thrive.  Having seen tons of healthcare professionals in NYC I have to say she stands out as one of the more caring, understanding and professional.  Big 5 star review for this acupuncture convert!!!” – Alyssa S. via Yelp

“Janna is a welcoming, friendly, and knowledgable acupuncturist. Her office is very clean and comfortable. I have been going to Janna since January of 2012 and I am extremely happy with the results! I go mainly for general well being, but I have seen a noticeable difference in the regularity of my digestion and in sweat production – areas I was initially targeting. I whole-heartedly recommend Janna to anyone who has an interest in acupuncture but has been nervous to give it a try — that was me just six months ago and now I’m hooked!” – Alison J. via Yelp

“I was looking for someone to help me with lower back pain which i have been experiencing for quite some time following many years as an athlete.  I have been to chiropractors and orthopedists but wanted a more natural way to treat my symptoms other than adjustments and pain medication.  Janna was very professional and has the ability to see beyond just the injury and into the whole picture of your body, lifestyle and general health.  My first appointment was a definite success and brought on relaxation and relief.  I also found her prices very reasonable compared to other forms of treatment i have looked into.   I will definitely be going back for another treatment and look forward to getting back to an active lifestyle without constant pain.” – Mario M. via Yelp

“I am happy to recommend Janna to anyone who is considering acupuncture treatments.  For years I suffered chronic pain in my left shoulder from a rotator cuff injury (and sometimes had pain in my right shoulder as well).  Months of physical therapy on three separate occasions relieved it somewhat, but the pain always came back.  I’ve practiced yoga for years, and am also a yoga teacher.  The pain was impacting my practice and enjoyment of yoga.  Knowing that some friends had been helped by acupuncture, I decided to try it.  Janna is also a yoga teacher, so I trusted her to have a deep understanding of what was going on in my body.  She is very thorough and her questions cover every aspect of your health, not only the condition you are seeing her for.  Her calm and caring manner put you completely at ease.  After about six months of treatment, I can practice yoga without pain.  Acupuncture has made an enormous difference in my well-being, and I have Janna to thank for that.” – Patricia S. via Yelp

“I love Thrive Acupuncture. Janna is the best. She brings her calm yogini energy and sense of humor to her practice. You will feel at ease in her care and even better afterwards.” – Elizabeth N. via Facebook